>>> Teachers

          Teachers are always learning and growing along with their students. However, sometimes it's hard to keep up with what students need. 

          Teachers are also on a constant cycle of certification. We offer CEUs for our courses and programs that can be used in several states for recertification. We also have some CPD approved courses for teachers in Maryland who need credits toward recertification. 

          Topics and Skills for Teachers

          • Classroom Technology
          • Instructional Methods
          • Classroom Management
          • Empowering Students with Disabilities
          • Spanish in the Classroom
          • Differentiated Instruction
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          >>> Staff

          School support staff are the backbone that enable schools to empower student learning. Administrative assistants, clerks, custodians, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, computer technicians, cooks, nurses, and maintenance technicians are all essential to a school's success.

          Providing pathways for staff to grow and learn alongside teacher and students enables your school to attract and retain committed individuals.

          Topics and Skills for Support Staff

          • Finance and Managing Budgets
          • Customer Service
          • Communication and Body Language
          • Managing People and Real-World Projects
          • Resolving Conflict
          • Nutrition and Health
          • Network Security

          >>> Leadership

          Effective leaders provide the guidance and direction necessary to create a positive and productive learning environment. They inspire and motivate teachers, students, and staff to work towards a common goal.

          Leaders play a vital role in shaping the culture of a school, fostering a sense of community, and promoting collaboration among all stakeholders. To do this, school leaders should always be learning and growing with their teachers, students, and staff.

          Topics and Skills for School Leaders

          • Equity Leadership in Schools
          • Leading Teams
          • Leadership Ethics
          • Body Language for Leaders
          • Emotional Intelligence for Managers
          • Pay Equity
          • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
          • Human Resources
          School Leader

          Ready to plan for your teachers, staff, and leadership?

          Contact Us to discuss the professional development and skills training needs in your school system!

          ASPIRE Developed Solutions

          Programs created specifically with school systems in mind.

          Screenshot (11)-1 Dr. Troy Boddy Presenter

          Equity Leadership Workshop

          Developed alongside Dr. Troy Boddy, the current president of the East Coast Racial Equity Group, this 20-hour cohort workshop focuses on helping school leaders confront and address the inequities within the school system via courageous conversations about race.

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          • Screenshot__2_-removebg-preview Coaching Optional
          • Screenshot__1_-removebg-preview In-Person, Scheduled
          Support Staff Development Track Lower Quality-2

          Support Staff Development Tracks

          ASPIRE has developed a program for support staff that allows learner to choose between three tracks: Customer Service, Communication, or Emotional Intelligence. Each track involves asynchronous courses, coaching in small groups, and whole group community building. 

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          • Screenshot__2_-removebg-preview Coaching Included
          • Screenshot__1_-removebg-preview Self-Paced Courses and Scheduled Sessions

          Montessori Education

          Montessori teachers, staff, and leadership are also in need of continuous professional development to enhance their skills and knowledge. Professional development allows Montessori teachers to stay updated with the latest research, techniques, and strategies in education. It helps them to continually improve their teaching methods and adapt to the changing needs of their students.

          We partner with Montessori organizations to provide CEUs for events so that teachers can receive professional development credit toward their recertifications.