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          ASPIRE Developed Solutions

          Current programs businesses are using to develop their teams.

          Core Program Spotlight
          katherine-keefe-headshot Katherine Keefe Director

          Leadership Essentials

          Designed to address the gap between the skills provided by formal education and the full development of seasoned professionals, Leadership Essentials offers a skill-building 6-month program that includes three components: monthly workshops, individual coaching, and team-based projects to address the needs of local non-profit organizations.

          • Sales Leadership, Business, and Personal Development
          • Coach Coaching
          • Onlineself paced In-Person and Online, Scheduled
          Screenshot (11)-1 Dr. Troy Boddy Presenter

          Equity Leadership Workshop

          Developed alongside Dr. Troy Boddy, the current president of the East Coast Racial Equity Group, this 20-hour cohort workshop focuses on helping school leaders confront and address the inequities within the school system via courageous conversations about race.

          • Sales Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion
          • Coach Coaching Optional
          • Onlineself paced In-Person, Scheduled
          Screenshot (12)-1 Dr. Erhan Guven Director

          Chasing Artificial Intelligence

          Developed by Erhan Guven, PhD, a data scientist at the JHU Applied Physics lab and Loyola University Data Science Lecturer. This 28-hour workshop uses real-world data to solve problems using data analytics, machine-learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and business intelligence methods.

          • Sales Data Science and Business
          • Coach Coaching Optional
          • Onlineself paced In-Person, Scheduled
          Screenshot (10)-1 Dr. Arnold Tilden Presenter

          Certificate in Successful Selling

          Developed alongside Dr. Arnold Tilden, the founder of Tilden & Associates, this 18-hour online, asynchronous program provides individuals the opportunity to improve their sales and presentation process while receiving feedback from Dr. Tilden. Build the systems that will streamline you ability to succeed in sales.

          • Sales Sales, Management, and Business
          • Coach Coaching Optional
          • Onlineself paced Online, Self-Paced

          Customize Your Training

          Find the right mix of training for your team.


          850+ Topics In

          • Business
          • Data Science & Technology
          • Healthcare & Medical
          • Leadership & Management
          • Personal Development
          • Teaching & Education
          • Trades & Services

          Add on Services

          • Coaching
          • Financial Planning
          • Retention Planning
          • Succession Planning
          • Resume Development
          Onlineself paced

          Time and Place

          • Online or In-Person
          • Self Paced or Scheduled
          • Any Combination (Hybrid)

          Trained Versus Untrained Employees


          Trained employees have 21% higher productivity and 38% greater job satisfaction


          Untrained employees are 38% less engaged and are 50% more likely to leave their organization

          The Costs and Returns of Training

          Not Training has Costs

          Organizations who don't invest in training lose 20% of revenue to inefficiency and make $3.1 trillion of mistakes nation wide each year.

          Training has Returns

          Organizations who train employees see a 24% increase in profit margin and see $3.50 return for every $1 invested in training.

          Build Your Team.


          We know that you want your organization to be successful. To do that, you must have a team of skilled people.

          However, the talent shortage we are facing can make attracting talent frustrating.

          At ASPIRE, we believe having a talented team is possible for every organization.

          We understand how hard finding and developing talent can be, which is why we meet organizations where they are, and help develop their teams to get them to where they want to be.

          Here’s how we do it: Identify your team's needs, then match your team's needs with the right training programs, and equip your team with new skills.

          So, Contact Us today, and in the meantime check out the 5 steps to transforming your team.

          Stop worrying about finding the most talented people, and instead build a team that you can depend on.

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