Certificate in Mediation and Restorative Justice


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          Completion Time

          240 hours

          Access Time

          183 Days


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          Delivery Information:

          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          This course provides you with the skills necessary to become a Mediation or Restorative Justice professional. This comprehensive course series provides training in the INACCORD conflict resolution model and offers you the chance to practice your skills through simulated role-playing exercises. Additionally, you will be trained in the INACCORD model of Restorative Justice, which will prepare you for work bringing perpetrators and victims of crimes together in order to seek resolutions that restore all parties. Upon successful completion, Mediators Without Borders will award you individual certifications in Mediation, Applied Mediation Practice, Restorative Justice, and a professional certificate as a Mediator and Restorative Justice Practitioner. A final exam is optional upon completion of the course.

          Learning Outcomes

          What you will learn:
          • Articulate the use of the INACCORD Conflict Analysis model for use in mediation and restorative justice
          • Examine the Three Phases and Four Stages of the INACCORD model
          • Explore the pre-interview and post interview phases of the INACCORD mediation and Restorative Justice model
          • Apply the Touchstone Skills of questioning, reflecting, and reframing to simulated mediation cases
          • Apply INACCORD surveys to simulated cases and analyze the results
          • Apply your knowledge of INACCORD mediation to the field of restorative justice
          • Understand the underlying theories that influence the field of restorative justice
          • Analyze various models or application of restorative justice, such as sentencing circles
          • Understand victim and offender issues in restorative justice process
          • Explore the process of setting up a restorative justice program
          How you will benefit:
          • Receive four individual certificates in Mediation, Applied Mediation Practice, Restorative Justice and Professional Mediator and Restorative Justice Practitioner
          • Work toward earning your INACCORD Certified Mediator certification
          • Develop the conflict resolution skills needed to resolve disputes both personally and professionally
          • Make a positive impact on the lives of those looking for outside mediation
          • Prepare to work in state or local government, human resources, or in private practice.


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