Certificate in Mindful Relationships


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          Completion Time

          8 hours

          Access Time

          42 Days


          Individual Skill Course



          Training Level


          Delivery Information:

          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          We are experiencing a mindfulness revolution as we become aware of the benefits of being mindful in our self-care, intimate relationships, and communication processes. We are also increasingly aware of how the practice of mindfulness can effect climate change, nature, our health, the health of our communities, and the health of the planet. When we cultivate a sense of connectedness to everything in nature and realize we all share only one Earth, we gain an immeasurable gift in return. As we cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion for ourselves, it ripples outward to others and transforms our relationship with our partners, families, communities, and the world. The outcome of this certificate is for the learner to describe the characteristics of mindful self-care, intimate relationships, communication processes, and how mindfulness impacts climate change and human health.

          Learning Outcomes

          What you will learn:
          • Describe various mindful self- care practices for health and well- being
          • Describe the elements of mindful communication
          • Identify characteristics of intimate relationships and mindful ways to improve these relationships
          • Describe the relationship between mindfulness, climate change, nature, and health
          How you will benefit:
          • Learn mindful self- care practices to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your health
          • Discover ways to improve your relationships with your self and others, while examining how these impact climate change and health
          • Enhance your professional marketability with training specific to the topics covered
          • Build knowledge and competencies needed to advance your career and/or improve your personal health and well- being
          • Learn new information that can help you prepare for a career in many areas of health (including health education, public health, nursing, medicine, social work, environmental health, or health coaching) as well as other fields (such as law, political science, advocacy, etc.)
          • Fulfill continuing education and/or national certification requirements


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