Accounting Fundamentals II


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          Completion Time

          24 hours

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          42 Days


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          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          While it is true that accounting professionals are scarce, those with corporate accounting experience are even scarcer. This course will provide you with a solid understanding of corporate accounting practices. In Accounting Fundamentals II, you will explore such topics as special journals, uncollectible accounts receivable, plant assets, depreciation, notes and interest, accrued revenue and expenses, dividends, retained earnings, and various financial reports for corporations. If you're interested in increasing your financial awareness and accountability while also gaining a marketable skill, this is the course for you.

          Learning Outcomes

          What you will learn:
          • Learn about accounts payable and receivable
          • Understand how to represent uncollectible accounts in reports
          • Learn about plant assets and timely depreciation of these assets
          • Learn how to deal with accrued income and accrued expenses
          • Understand stock dividends and retained earnings
          • Learn how to prepare year- end financial documents including tax forms
          How you will benefit:
          • Become more indispensable to any organization as you develop higher level accounting skills
          • Learn everything you need to know to accurately keep the books for any type of business
          • Become more aware of the accuracy of your own personal pay stubs and tax documents
          • Open the door to more career opportunities in accounting


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