Certificate in Meditation


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          Completion Time

          8 hours

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          42 Days


          Individual Skill Course



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          Delivery Information:

          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          Although there are many ways to meditate and many different forms of meditation, they all share the characteristic of intentionally training a person's attention and concentration. Meditation practices are used by diverse cultures, are rooted in the traditions of the great religions, and have been practiced for thousands of years to promote healing. Evidence of meditation's health effects has been well documented: the practice offers improvement in the symptoms of various disease conditions in addition to the experience of a deeper spiritual connection. The outcome of this certificate is for the learner to describe the types and practices of meditation, specific health effects, and the practice of mindfulness meditation.

          Learning Outcomes

          What you will learn:
          • Describe the health effects of meditation.
          • Discuss meditation and religious traditions.
          • Identify meditation types and practices.
          • Examine the benefits of mindfulness meditation.
          How you will benefit:
          • Learn how to increase mindfulness, reduce stress, deal with pain and illness, and support overall well- being with meditation.
          • Learn about various meditation techniques, including Transcendental Meditation?, guided imagery and visualization meditation, mindfulness meditation, Osho Kundalini Meditation?, Vipassana meditation, walking meditation, laughter meditation, centering prayer meditation, and concentration meditation.
          • Discover ways to improve your total health and well- being and positively impact your life and the life of your family.
          • Learn new information that can help you prepare for a career in many areas of health (including health education, public health, nursing, medicine, social work, environmental health, or health coaching) as well as other fields (such as law, political science, advocacy, etc.).
          • Build knowledge and competencies needed to advance your career and/or improve your personal health and well- being.
          • Fulfill continuing education and/or national certification requirements.


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