Business Budgeting for Beginners


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          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          If the idea of creating a budget for your business, department, or project seems overwhelming, this course will alleviate all of those fears. Taught in an approachable and relatable format, this course walks you through the budgeting process so you can go from numbers averse to budgeting super-hero. The downloadable templates included in the course allow you to easily and quickly take what you learn and apply it to your job. The storytelling used throughout the course makes the topic more approachable and engaging so you can obtain the soft skills that will help you be successful implementing and tracking a budget in the real world. Finally, the course challenge is something that will pique your curiosity at the beginning of the course and provide motivation to complete the course and continue learning the material. A company's budgeting process involves a lot more than just rows and columns of numbers on a spreadsheet. The reality is that budgeting is a sometimes organic and sometimes organized process. Most often, it's an equal mix of both in an attempt to add some level of certainty to an uncertain future. These processes are what we are going to explore in this course. You will be introduced to different strategies employed during the budgeting process, the techniques and tools that are commonly used to make budgeting forecasts, the components of a basic operating budget, and how businesses make certain decisions that may impact their budgeted amounts.

          Learning Outcomes

          What you will learn:
          • Learn about planning strategies and how they are used to keep a budget aligned with its vision
          • Obtain knowledge of cost behavior and how forecasts are used to ensure accuracy in future planning and budgeting
          • Develop various approaches to plan for general and administrative expenses
          • Gain tools and techniques used for a formal decision- making process
          • Master how best to evaluate the financial stability and performance of a business using budgeted information
          How you will benefit:
          • Learning how businesses think about budgeting will help you to make informed predictions about the future with strategic planning
          • Become more valuable to your employer or business by accurately budgeting costs
          • Make better business decisions with the knowledge about how businesses use budgeted data in combination with a formalized decision- making process
          • Increase success in your career with the skills, techniques, and tool kit provided by this course


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