Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019


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          24 hours

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          42 Days


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          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          Most organizations rely heavily on Microsoft Excel to consolidate, analyze, and report financial information and other important data. Your company is probably no exception. If you work with data of any kind, learning Excel's advanced functions to taking on greater responsibilities in your organization. This course will help you master many features in Microsoft Excel 2019 that most users don't know exist. You will learn the secret to using formula-based conditional formatting as a creative solution to common issues. You will also learn how to leverage Excel's Power Query tool to import and transform data from about any data source. By the time you finish this course, you will have mastered Microsoft Excel 2019 and will be able to better serve your company's data management needs.

          Learning Outcomes

          What you will learn:
          • The power of what- if analysis tools like data tables, Scenario Manager, Solver, and Goal Seek
          • To build creative formulas with conditional formatting to solve common problems
          • To import and transform external data from multiple external sources
          • To combine multiple Access tables into a single table using Power Query
          How you will benefit:
          • Master Excel 2019 and become a more productive member of your organization
          • Gain indispensable skills that will be useful in any organization that relies on numbers- based reporting
          • Learn to use the power of Microsoft Excel 2019 to save time, money and frustration
          • Develop skills that can be used to simplify your life of calculating and displaying numbers both personally and professionally


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