Application, Data, and Host Security Scenarios


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          Professional Credits:

          CEU: 0.5
          ATD CI: 5
          HRCI: 5
          PDU: 5


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          Completion Time

          5 hours

          Access Time

          90 Days


          Individual Skill Course



          Training Level


          Delivery Information:

          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          When you download an app, or access a database, you want to trust that the software engineer who developed the app had an eye toward security. This training course covers the security of applications, data, and hosts in information systems. It provides a comprehensive examination of software development and change management. This course also features a number of fictional scenarios based on real-world application, data, and host security. Although not required, having some experience or working knowledge in IT concepts is helpful in taking this course.

          Learning Outcomes

          After completing this course, the learner should be able to:
          • Discuss the role of security in software development
          • Explain the software development life cycle and compare its eight stages
          • Understand what the operating system is and how it works
          • Describe different application and operating environments
          • Discuss the role of databases and the information security challenges they raise
          • Understand the various vectors for attack
          • Explain the objectives of Trusted Recovery and the concept of system hardening
          • Recognize the need for physical security and the varying means of achieving it
          • Apply security concepts to real-world scenarios highlighting the need for application, data, and host security


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