EDG822: Lauryn's Law: School Counselor's Response to Indicators of Mental Illness and Behavior Distress


          Enrollment Ended


          Enrollment Ended

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          45 hours

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          For Academic Credit



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          Online Blended Scheduled Sessions


          This course meets the educational requirements outlined in Lauryn’s Law. This course for school counselors provides a current, interactive overview of these skills and supports participants’ development/acquisition of a resource bank for distribution to parents or guardians, school staff, and students, as appropriate.

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          Learning Outcomes

          Specifically, this course enhances the school counseling practitioners' knowledge and skills to understand and respond to the social, emotional, and personal development of students, including knowledge and skills relating to:

          (1) the recognition of indicators of mental illness and behavioral distress, including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse; and

          (2) the identification of professional resources to help students in crisis.


          Enrollment Ended