Budgeting in a Nonprofit Organization


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          Professional Credits:

          CEU: 0.3
          CFRE: 3
          HRCI: 3
          SHRM: 3


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          Completion Time

          3 hours

          Access Time

          90 Days


          Individual Skill Course



          Training Level


          Delivery Information:

          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          If you're involved in a nonprofit organization, you likely know all too well the importance of budgeting. In this non-credit course, you will gain an understanding of the uses and functions of budgets and the relationship between strategic budgeting and tactical budgeting. You will also learn about the organization-wide budget and different budget systems. After introducing the basics of budgeting in a nonprofit, the course continues on to slightly more advanced budgeting topics such as capital budgets, cash flow budgets, and opportunity budgets. You will also learn how nonprofit organizations are using different budgeting techniques to handle operating challenges.

          Learning Outcomes

          After completing this course, the learner should be able to:
          • Explain the uses and functions of nonprofit budgeting
          • Describe the different types of budgets used by a nonprofit organization
          • Recognize the use of the organization-wide operating budget and program operating budgets
          • Explain how an operating budget is created
          • Analyze a nonprofit operating budget through variance analysis
          • Describe how a capital budget is used and created
          • Explain the importance of a cash flow budget and describe how it is created
          • Recognize how the budget process can be managed for optimal results


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