Certificate in Successful Selling: Portfolio


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          Completion Time

          16 hours

          Access Time

          120 Days


          Certificate Program



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          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          Successful selling is a crucial business function for every industry and even professions like law, accounting and architecture. While a degree may get you into the game, winning business is essential to advancing in your career. Yet, no other field is as simultaneously important and neglected as sales. Our Certificate in Successful Selling provides holders with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel at the vital function of selling.

          This program been developed and crafted by Tilden & Associates, a firm founded in 1994. Tilden & Associates helps organizations around the globe improve performance through corporate training and executive development. The firm's founder, sales expert Dr. Arnold Tilden, will be your guide throughout the courses. He was a partner in PfP Consulting, Inc. for 18 years, has assisted many Global 50 and Fortune 1000 companies, and has consulted with regional firms in diverse industries. In the portfolio version of the program, you will work on building a professional portfolio through a variety of assignments. Not only will you build a portfolio, but you will receive real-time feedback from Dr. Tilden himself who will help you perfect your work. At the end of the program, you will receive a Micro-Credential Certificate signed and validated by Dr. Tilden.

          This program is made up of two courses:
          • Course One: Establishing a Replicable Sales Process and Conducting the Investigation
          • Course Two: Delivering Winning Presentations

          Learning Outcomes

          In this program, learners will:
          • Establish a sales process that can be replicated with each client, in any profession
          • Conduct the investigation using twin skills of asking good questions and listening
          • Gain and develop tools to improve their competitive position
          • Improve their presentation skills


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