Business Law for Entrepreneurs


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          CEU: 0.5
          HRCI: 5
          SHRM: 5


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          5 hours

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          Online Asynchronous Self-paced


          When starting a new venture, understanding the relevant laws can make or break your success. This training course covers the basics of business law for an entrepreneur. It reviews legal structures for a new venture, intellectual property, employment law, contracts, government regulation, and personal and real property.

          Learning Outcomes

          After completing this course, the learner should be able to:
          • Understand basic legal terminology and the larger legal environment
          • Identify and distinguish among the three basic legal structures of business organization
          • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a sole proprietorship
          • Understand the rules and liabilities involved in a partnership
          • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation, and the steps necessary to incorporate
          • Distinguish between a general partnership and a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership
          • Explain the differences between S corporations and limited liability companies
          • Identify the three major types of franchises and discuss the pros and cons of franchising
          • Explain the major legal protections for intellectual property rights
          • Define and distinguish between patents and copyrights
          • Discuss the importance of trademarks
          • List the criteria that define a trade secret
          • Identify the areas of employment law that are most relevant to entrepreneurs
          • Define the four legal elements involved in forming a contract
          • Discuss the Statute of Frauds and the types of contracts to which it applies
          • Explain Article 2 of the Universal Commercial Code and how it applies to sales contracts
          • Understand the basics of tax law as it applies to a business
          • Identify the major areas of federal regulation that apply to businesses
          • Understand basic legal principles applying to personal property
          • Understand basic legal principles applying to real property
          • Identify the legal means for transferring ownership of real property
          • Identify the three types of bankruptcy defined under federal law


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