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Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business

23 Hours
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Access: 365 Days
CEU: 2.3
PDU: 23
SHRM: 23

Bundle Description

Nearly half of all working adults are women, and women now make up the majority of students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Despite these indications that they have the skills and education to be leaders in the workforce, women are still underrepresented in many areas, and the persistent wage gap demonstrates that their work is often undervalued. This certificate explores both the social and psychological mechanisms that create challenges that professional women often face. Alongside commentary from women leaders, the material also provides concrete and data-driven recommendations for advancing in your career. The courses in the certificate introduce key concepts and practices that all successful business people should be familiar with, thereby serving as a general introduction to topics like leadership, management, communication, work-life balance, networking, negotiation, and body language.

Courses included in this bundle are as follows:

Body Language for Women in Business

Communication for Women in Business

Current Issues Facing Women in Business

Leadership and Management for Women in Business

Negotiation for Women in Business

Networking and Mentorship for Women in Business

Work-Life Balance for Women in Business

You will have 365 days to begin each course in this bundle. Once you open an individual course, you will have 90 days to complete it.