Certificate in Online Learning

  22 Hours
  PDF Certificate
Access: 365 Days
CEU: 2.2
HRCI: 22
SHRM: 22

Course Description

Creating effective online learning courses and simulations can be a challenge. There are tools and techniques, as well as best practices, that can help those designing and creating online learning content for organizations and institutions of higher education.

This certificate offers instruction on the major models, tools, and techniques in creating and delivering online learning. It reviews the fundamentals of general learning theory and how it can be applied, in practice, to online design and instruction.

Further, the certificate provides a brief survey of the technology employed in online learning, best practices for teaching online, strategies for integrating narrative learning into an educational curriculum, and the basics of developing accessible online learning.

Each of these self-paced courses offer an assortment of interactive exercises, selected readings, and self-assessments.

You will have 365 days to begin each course in this bundle. Once you open an individual course, you will have 90 days to complete it.

Courses Included In This Bundle

Introduction to Online Learning

Teaching Online

The Technology of Online Learning

Narrative Learning

Online Learning Accessibility

In addition to the individual courses included in this bundle, you will also be enrolled in a course for the entire bundle, Certificate in Online Learning Capstone. You can use this course to track your progress through the set of courses. When you have completed all the individual courses and checked them off the list in this bundle course, there is a survey for you to complete about the bundle in order to receive your certificate for the entire bundle.