Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam

  4 Hours
  PDF Certificate
Access: 180 Days

Application Process

Do not purchase this item until you have applied and been approved to take the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam. In order to apply, please send an email to requesting the application. A PDF of the application will be sent to you with instructions on next steps. If your application is approved, you will be sent a separate link to pay the $769 fee to purchase the exam.

Exam Description

To secure a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, practitioners must demonstrate mastery of Six Sigma by completing a timed online assessment and providing details of a Six Sigma project they are involved in. The four-hour, timed assessment tests an individual's competency and comprehension of Six Sigma principles, strategies, tools, and techniques. This exam includes multiple-choice and essay questions, and covers all aspects of the DMAIC methodology and its implementation. Questions are posed in several configurations that ask test takers to identify, calculate, analyze, and apply their knowledge, to demonstrate their ability to perform as important members of improvement teams. If practitioners successfully complete the exam assessment, they are then asked to provide information and updates for a new or ongoing project they are immersed in. The information and updates will be evaluated by a panel of experts who may ask questions or request additional information to ensure that participants are well versed and able to successfully complete a Six Sigma project, before certification can be conferred.


After successful completion of the certification program, you will be recognized as a MindEdge-certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Successful completion involves scoring a minimum of 70% on the online assessment exam and submitting details for a successful Six Sigma improvement project.

This is an advanced exam and it is designed for adult learners pursuing Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Learners should have comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma concepts and practices.

Material for the online assessment exam can be taken from multiple sources and references, which are listed in the application PDF for reference.