Procurement and Supply Management

  8 Hours
  PDF Certificate
Access: 180 Days
CEU: 0.8
PDU: 8

Course Description

This course explains the evolution from the transactional purchasing or procurement function into the strategic process of supply management. It introduces key concepts and ideas that can be used to successfully source and manage suppliers and to deal with issues that may arise across the supply chain. The course is divided into modules that explain supply management basics; describe strategic, ethical, and sustainable sourcing; and discuss supply chain leadership and integration. Course participants will explore supply management from several viewpoints; align sourcing, communication, and management strategies; and incorporate ethical and sustainable practices into the supply chain. Trends and changes to the profession due to the Internet and emerging technologies are also discussed.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of internal and external relationships in managing suppliers and developing a sourcing strategy
  • Articulate ways to enhance communication across the supply chain
  • Manage and continuously improve supplier performance
  • Determine the effects of e-procurement on supply management
  • Identify and manage supply risk, measure performance, and overcome organizational barriers to supply chain excellence
  • Understand the need for leadership and diversity within the supply chain