Micro-credential 1: Choosing & Using Tech Tools

 15 Hours
 PDF Certificate
CEU: 1.5
CPD: 1

Course Description

Discover different technology tools and their use in the classroom to support higher level learning. There are many technology tools available for the Four Cs (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity), but choosing and using the most effective tool to redefine your classroom and engage students in higher level learning can be challenging. Utilizing the well-known SAMR model, this micro-credential provides you with the skills to critique, analyze, connect, and apply technology tools to your classroom focusing on higher level learning.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this Micro-credential, the learner should be able to:

  • Analyze what higher-level learning is within K-12 education utilizing the Four Cs and the SAMR model.
  • Align technology tools to the Four Cs and the SAMR model to support higher-level learning.
  • Integrate a technology tool resulting in higher-level learning focusing on at least one of the Four Cs and the SAMR model.
  • Expand their Professional Learning Networks to collaborate with educators outside of their current network and continue your learning and growth.

Micro-credential Open and Close Dates

This Micro-credential is facilitated, so there are specific dates that the content will be available. For more information about this Micro-credential visit www.loyola.edu/microcreds.

Summer 2020
July 6, 2020 - August 14, 2020
Enrollment ends July 20