Teaching Math: Grades 4-6

 24 Hours
 PDF Certificate
CEU: 2.4

Course Description

Reinvent math instruction for grades 4-6 by bringing hands-on learning, inexpensive manipulatives, and real-world connections into your classroom. Whether you're a new teacher or a seasoned pro, this course will help you get your students excited about math! You will turn your students into problem-solving detectives and discover lots of fun and practical ways to extend your students' learning into everyday life.

This course will show you the best ways to walk students through the complexities of elementary school math. This course will give you strategies for teaching complicated vocabulary and problem-solving. You will learn how to use clever geometry manipulatives, handmade fraction bars, math journals, and Family Math nights to excite your students at little or no cost to you. So if you have been looking for a way to jumpstart your math instruction without adding a lot of work, this is the course for you.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Jumpstart your math instruction with out adding an lot of work or spending a lot of money.
  • Make math exciting for your students and for you as their teacher.
  • Involve parents in student learning.