CFSRE: Application of Cognitive Psychology to Forensic Science Improvement 2021

  20 Hours
  PDF Certificate
CEU: 2

This course accompanies the Application of Cognitive Psychology to Forensic Science Improvement offered through CFSRE. This course only offers the CEU certificate through Loyola University Maryland and does not contain any workshop material. If you would like more information about the actual course, please go to the CFSRE site: CFSRE Course Site


This course will provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the application of cognitive psychology to the improvement of forensic science policy and practice. The course will cover the basics of cognitive psychology, its relevance to forensic science, relevant research, and consensus guidance documents.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner will:

  • Have an understanding of cognitive psychology, including types of bias that may affect the reliability of forensic science.
  • Be able to assess and develop strategies to address cognitive psychology issues with forensic science organizations.
  • Be able to assess scientific research in cognitive psychology related to forensic science policy and practice and assist colleagues in the understanding of the implications of research.
  • Understand how to apply cognitive psychology in the development of policies and standard operating procedures in a forensic science organization.