On behalf of Loyola University Maryland, I would like to welcome you to ASPIRE: Loyola’s Extended Learning Community.

At Loyola, we believe education is a lifelong journey of challenge, discovery, examination, and renewal. Through ASPIRE we are pleased to offer a selection of courses and modules to extend your learning and engage you in new ideas for your personal and professional development. Whether you are looking to upskill, make new connections, or explore new ideas, ASPIRE has something for you.

If you have been to our campus, you will attest to the extent to which our university cares about the totality of your experience. At Loyola, learning is not a solitary endeavor. Therefore, everyone who selects an ASPIRE offering will automatically become a member of our extended learning community. We hope that you will be inspired to participate as we follow you on your path and provide you with connections, suggestions, bonus content, soft openings, and mentorship to enhance your learning journey.

Jack Rice

For businesses and nonprofit organizations interested in supporting their members or employees to reach their full potential, ASPIRE can create a curated learning experience to help you reach your goals. Our aspiration is that everyone can participate in this unique learning community.

We look forward to meeting you,

Jack Rice
Director, Center for Continuing Education
Loyola University Maryland
ASPIRE: Loyola’s Extended Learning Community
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